A group of volunteers from Gilbert Plains is fundraising to bring the community a splash park.

Cory Gulenchin is the Vice President of the Gilbert Plains Splash Park Committee and was on the Al Morning show yesterday.

He says it’s still going to be a while before the splash park is here.

“We fundraised last year up until now, probably about 47 thousand dollars and we still have a little while to go. Our top number is just over 400 thousand.”

Gulenchin says the splash park would be a big deal.

“I think it’s humungous, economic impact, I think it’s just going to go hand in hand with the golf course that’s there right now. There’s a wading pool that’s there right now and it’s a little bit dilapidated, I mean, it’s a great item to have down there at Centennial Park in Gilbert Plains, but it’s showing its wear after a few years. I really think that something like this (The splash park) needs to get done to boost (Gilbert Plains).”

To continue the fundraising, the group is holding a gala next Saturday, October 19th. A single ticket is 50 dollars and includes cocktails, and dinner, while a VIP table for 8 people, also including appetizers and wine service costs 500 dollars.

Tickets can be purchased from the volunteers, as well as Family Foods, Gilbert Plains Pharmacy, Co-Op Agro Centre, and Gilbert Plains Fusion Credit Union.