The Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada is a group that shares resources and information, has training elements, and has an accreditation process.

Stephen Chychota has been nominated for the board and says being on the board will help the Dauphin Chamber a lot.

“Where I’m more connected to other chambers across the country, more integrated into the whole program of CCEC, find better resources, strengthen my ability as an executive for the chamber. So, what I’m able to do in-house here for the chamber becomes better quality and I can gain more insight from other professionals. The members benefit from that, the board for the chamber here also benefits from that, and myself too.”

He isn't quite sure who nominated him, but he figures it was someone from the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

Chychota will be recognized at the AGM for being an executive for 5 years. Being a member has helped Chychota a bunch, with the massive online resource the CCEC has. Being a member also makes the Dauphin Chamber more valuable and look better. Chychota looks forward to developing that further, bringing more ideas to the board, and being connected with other chambers.

The vote is this upcoming Friday, September 20th.