You'll soon have another option to wash your car in Dauphin.

Within the next week or so, Nick Jewell will be opening up Wellington Auto Sports. It's a brand new car wash and it'll be located at the former Westmore Domo location on Buchanon Avenue.

"There's a huge need for this. We have a market that needs a second car wash in town," said Nick Jewell, Owner/Operator. "There are a lot of cars that need to be washed around here and there isn't a lot of places to do it. We also were able to pretty up this building and it sharpens up this end of town."

Something unique to this car wash will be how you can pay. Nick has purchased machines that will allow you to pay with your debit card. That means a quick swipe and you'll be good to go. The system, however, hasn't arrived yet. When they open in the next week or so, it'll be a soft launch. That means you will be required to pay with loonies or toonies. 

"We also have the machine set so you get a good bang for your buck," he added. "It's all new in here, completely renovated and all the wands and everything. It's a nice spot."

Each dollar will give you 128 seconds to do your thing.