When McCreary's Brett Michael Monka was 17, he realized he wanted to start singing in competitions and when he was 21 he decided to start taking it more seriously.

Nearly 13 years later, Brett has made huge steps and he could be on his way to Utah to open up for Keith Urban at Stadium of Fire 2019 which takes place on July 4.

Brett is joined by 24 other talented singers, all of which have a dream of opening up for Keith Urban in just three weeks’ time. Of the 25 singers still in the running, Brett is in 3rd place with 141 votes. The top 10 advances to the next stage and that's when the committee comes in. They will choose the winner and that person is off to Utah.

Voting remains open for the next three days.

"Yeah, it's crazy to be in this. I'm totally thrilled and excited about it," added Monka. "Half the time I can't even sleep because I'm just worried about this competition, it's pretty surreal to be in the Top 25."

"I've had a lot of encouraging words, comments, and shares," he added. "People from all over Canada has been voting for me, so it's pretty great and I hope it continues."

Brett is also the only Canadian that made the Top 25. If Brett did get the opportunity to open for Urban, there is no doubt it would be a day he would never forget.

"I mean it would honestly change my life forever,” added Monka. "It would probably start up my career. It would definitely get my name out there a lot more."

Even if Brett does fall short, he knows this whole experience is only the beginning of what's next for the McCreary native.

"Win or lose, I'm making new friends along the way which is great," added Monka. "People who have never heard of me before are listening to my music and they're sharing it around and everything. It's always new people so it's great for me."

You can help Brett achieve his dream of opening up for Keith Urban in Utah by heading to Brett hopes to join Keith Urban.