The Yorkton Film Festival has been around since 1947 and it's back all weekend long.

The festivities have already begun around the community and the films start up tonight.

"It's going to be an absolutely great weekend. We have filmmakers landing at the Regina Airport and we're bringing them back here," said Randy Goulden, Executive Director. "We have the high school student day already going on with 60 students from across the province getting instruction from professional filmmakers. It's a go."

The opening night screening takes place this evening at the Painted Hand Casino. Tonight's feature will be a Manitoban film done by Merit Motion Pictures and it's called "Almost, Almost Famous". It starts at 7:00 p.m. and it's free of charge and it includes a reception. 

Starting tomorrow, more than 57 films will be featured at the Gallagher Centre which is the home of the Yorkton Terriers. Each and every film is free to the public. The festival welcomes filmmakers from all across Canada. 

"All of the filmmakers will be in attendance so it's really a great opportunity for the audience to ask them questions about their film and stuff like that," said Goulden. 

Being in its 72nd year, the Yorkton Film Festival is the longest running film festival in North America. For some comparison, the Yorkton Film Festival has been running 29 years longer than the world renowned Toronto International Film Festival. 

"We're very proud to say that we're the longest running film festival in North America," added Goulden. "We have a board of directors from all across Canada so we can keep current with what's going on in the film industry. We really, really work hard on keeping current with today's changing industry."

For a full weekend lineup, head to Yorkton Film Festival.