Networking was the topic at the breakfast series this morning.

Nancy Brommell, a business advisor with the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba, gave the presentation.

“We talked about networking, but not necessarily just the traditional networking where you meet up with people in a group in a place. But there’s that, which is a hugely important part in networking but, also thinking about that relative to social media and technology pieces that are also part of that process of networking and creating awareness of your business in building relationships.”

She says Dauphin has so many opportunities for networking, such as annual events, and if a business owner hasn’t been to many of them, they should because even if someone knows the name of your business they maybe don’t know anything about it, you, or the opportunities they might have with you.

Social media is another big part of networking and can play a role in getting new customers.

Bromell suggests instead of being on all platforms not particularly well, pick one or two and do them very well.

She adds that business owners should create a LinkedIn profile, and create awareness with people that you meet that you can be found on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will elevate your presence as a business owner and professional.