As the May Long Weekend approaches, more and more boats will be hitting the water.

With more boats comes the need for people to know the safety tips and regulations for being on the water.

The operator of the boat has a zero tolerance for alcohol. The fine for driving a boat impaired is a minimum of $1000 for a first offence, the second and third times can result in jail time.

In Manitoba, in order to legally drink on a boat, it must have a permanent cooking facility, a sleeping cabin, and a toilet. The boat must also be anchored down.

Boaters must have all the necessary paperwork on board, including your operator’s card and proof of purchase. You could be charged $250 if you don’t.

There must be lifejackets for every person on board. The fine for not having PFD’s on board is $200 and it multiplies for each passenger not in possession of one.

Always make sure you have a First Aid Kit, as well as a kit full of emergency supplies.

And finally, driving a boat recklessly can not only hurt yourself and others, but it can also result in fines anywhere from $350 - $500.

Take these rules into consideration the next time you hit the water and have a good time.