So far this year, the Dauphin Fire Department has been doing quite a lot of training. Fire chief Cam Abrey says they’ve been hosting firefighters from other areas for training exercises.

Several weekends in March, they ran a response to hazardous materials operations program. They ran two 40 hour programs which included a total of 12 Dauphin firefighters and 11 combined from Inglis, Laurier, Roblin, Sifton, Ste Rose, Grandview, and Swan River.

Dauphin firefighters, along with some firefighters from Gilbert Plains, Grandview, Laurier, Sifton, and Ste Rose are working on their level 1 and 2 programs to make their way to practical and written exams.

Every single Wednesday, Dauphin firefighters have basic training.

They typically take off July and August from training because of all the events they help out at as well as to give the members some time with their families.

Specialized training gets started back up again in September.

They are also taking a look at critical incident stress management and how they can teach firefighters resilience training when dealing with the bad calls.