The announcement of protected bike lanes in Dauphin has resulted in mixed reactions from the public.

One of the comments heard is about the snow removal plan in the winter.

Steven Sobering, community energy manager for the city of Dauphin, says they’ve been working with city works to look ahead to snow removal needs.

Snow will be pushed over to the other side of the street and sidewalk snow removers will be used in the bike lanes to keep them open 12 months of the year.

While finding parking may be a little harder, Sobering suggests parking on nearby side streets even though it’s inconvenient.

Residents in Dauphin have also been questioning what to do with recycling and garbage bins, the answer to that is to treat the curb of the bike lane like the sidewalk curb and just put the bins on the other side of the lane.

Sobering jokes that people who are worried about damage to their cars should look at their driving abilities, before adding,

“If they are going to be hitting a curb, I’d much rather see that than a kid. In the end, we have to remember this is for safety and children. I don’t think it’s something that we have to wait for somebody to be hurt before we start being proactive.”