With a growing urban population, some believe there is an increasing disconnect between people and knowing where their food comes from.

One way to better inform the public, according to Dauphin MLA Brad Michaleski, is through provincial government supported livestock education. Michaleski introduced a private member’s resolution with this in mind.

 In a media release, Michaleski says Manitobans have traditionally understood where their food comes from and that they are proud of the farming process. He noted that there are changing lifestyles in the province leading to the disconnect.

 “Our hard-working livestock producers deserve support and recognition for their contributions to our province. It’s important that we highlight the essential education and appreciation of our diverse agricultural supply chain that feeds people around the world,” said Michaleski.

The resolution was prevented from going to a vote because Opposition MLAs used their allotted speaking time to run out the clock and prevent it from going to a vote. 

Since 2016, the private sector has invested more than $1.2 billion in Manitoba’s food processing industry.