The 2019 Firefighters Appreciation Evening was last night in the Aspen Lodge.

Here are Cam Abrey’s thoughts on the evening.

“It was a great evening and we really want to thank both the city and RM elected officials and administration that have made this a long-running tradition of treating the firefighters to a special recognition evening. This has been going on for a lot longer than I’ve been around and to see it continue on like this, I know the firefighters appreciate the recognition that they get from our elected officials it’s not just that they’re volunteering for the community but they feel the pat on the back too.”

Abrey gave out awards for service years to Daniel McKay who has served 10 years.

Daniel McKay Firefighter

Dave Height was recognized for 15 years of service.

Dave Height

Jack Bay was also honoured in his retirement from the Dauphin Fire Department after 36 years of service.

Jack Bay

Greg Acevedo, who has achieved 25 years, and Allan Gray, who has achieved 40 years, were not in attendance. 

Abrey says in the past, before him, badges were given out to firefighters but disappeared quite a few years ago.

Level One Firefighter Badge

Each firefighter with a level 1 qualification received the badge and took an oath of office.

All The Firefighters

Following that, every firefighter received a challenge coin, which when shown is a subtle way to say I need help, let’s talk.

Challenge Coin