The City and Rural Municipality of Dauphin are coming together as part of a new committee.

RM Reeve Ron Ryz says three representatives are coming from the city and three are coming from the RM. “We will basically discuss any upcoming issues. We haven’t struck up a meeting yet but the plan is to work together, and we have to look at things as a region.”

Deputy City Manager Renee St-Goddard shares what both sides hope to get out of these meetings. “I believe trying to get out of these meetings is just coming, having more transparency, open communication with the RM. We work closely with them quite often, so I think to make sure we keep the communication open and make sure we know when we can support each other.”

Some issues that they share responsibility for are the airport, the rec centre, and supporting economic development in the region.

RM Reeve Ron Ryz explains why they stopped holding these meetings in the past. “I think it’s just councils got busy doing their own things.”

The first meeting is expected to take place in a few weeks. Both sides hope this committee can meet once a month.

“We’re quite looking forward to working with the city,” Ryz said. “I think with new council coming in; I think the direction is we have to work together and work together as a region.” 

No word yet on where the meeting is to take place.