The grand opening of the Richardson Pioneer Gilbert Plains Community Hall was a great success.

Murray Stoughton was one of the many people at the hall celebrating on Saturday night. “I think it’s a great focal point that brings the whole community together. They did a beautiful job of the grand opening. And I’m proud for the community.”

Gilbert Plains resident Yvonne Smith was equally excited.  “We needed a new hall. Unfortunate the old one didn’t make the renovations. But in the long run, it’s really good. It’s really nice that the community will use it, especially the drama club, and all the socials and weddings, and everything, and the dances. So looking really forward to all the things coming up in the New Year,” 

Blake Price, the Reeve of Gilbert Plains Municipality, says the new building is more accommodating with the opportunity now to do bigger and better things. “I think it’s wonderful. I don’t know if it’s more than what we expected but we sure are pleased with the numbers, the turnout, and the enthusiasm that we’re experiencing right now.”

The Galaxy Theatre Company performed skits depicting the history of the old hall. The performance included local women wearing actual wedding dresses from the 1930s to today that were worn at receptions in the old hall.

The grand opening was sold out long in advance. 

gilbert plains hall grand opening 2

gilbert plains hall grand opening 3