MPI has noticed a trend of vehicle thefts due to people leaving their keys in their vehicles.

Brian Smiley says last year 90 per cent of the 3200 vehicles stolen involved the use of keys. That means vehicle owners aren’t taking care of their keys.

Smiley says in the cold weather people want to get into their vehicle warm, so they start their car and go back into their house or the coffee shop. During the 30 seconds people are gone, someone could just jump into the running vehicle and steal it.

Even though there is a slight spike of vehicle thefts in the winter, Smiley says vehicle thefts are a 12-month issue.

Smiley says it’s really simple to not have this issue.

“Keep your keys in your pocket. Keep them in your possession. Keep them in your eyesight. Do not leave your keys in the ignition while it’s running. Don’t hide your keys in the vehicle the thieves know where they are. Auto theft is a crime of opportunity if you reduce the opportunity, you reduce the crime.”