Learn to swing dance before you head out to the Big Band Dance Night later this month.

A free dance class is taking place this Friday at the Watson Art Centre running from 7 to 9 in the evening.

Taylor Schmidt says this class can help you get ready to dance to the music performed by groups like the Dauphin Community Jazz Band.

“We’re going to use some of the music that some of the bands are going to be playing so that when you’re at the dance, you might hear that song come on and be like ‘hey that was the one!’ We kind of wanted to get people a couple weeks to practice. If a couple comes out and they’re working together, and maybe they know the names of the tunes, we can offer that too, they can just put on YouTube and do a little bit of practicing before they come out.”

All you need to get into the class at the Watson Art Centre, on Friday, is a ticket to the Big Band Dance Night.

This year the dance has music performed by the Dauphin Community Jazz Band, the Brandon Community Jazz Band, and Grace and the Wielers.