Parkland Crossing’s greenhouse project has had a successful year growing and feeding the community.

A lot has changed since they started the project, around this time last year, according to Jamie Harvey.

“We started off with a lot of round bins and odd shaped flower pots that people donated to us when we started. And over time we realized those round pots weren’t very space efficient. So over the course of the year, we decided on one size of plastic bin that works in this area. We’ve learned that the tomatoes do better than anything else right up next to the window, other plants do better away from the window.”

Parkland Crossing greenhouse December 2018 3

The project hasn’t been without its problems. They’ve had some issues with bugs.

“We’re also learning how to deal with aphids and spider mites,” Harvey says. “The spider mites I got rid of with a thousand ladybugs. They just took care of those spider mites in a matter of three days. The aphids are a more persistent problem for us.” He used a chrysanthemum-based spray product to the aphids.

Parkland Crossing is applying for grants to help buy full spectrum LED lights, that once installed are much more energy efficient.

“Right now we have one room at 6 and a half feet; we have one room at 5 feet. Seems to be that the 5 foot high are doing better for the plants.”

Parkland Crossing greenhouse December 2018 4

They have also invested in comfortable chairs and couches that are open for people to come and relax in the environment.