Beef producers are concerned about how long a temporary suspension of crown and property sales in the province will last.

The freeze is in place until the provincial government passes legislation that would improve how agricultural Crown lands and community pastures are managed,

Brian Lemon, General Manager of the Manitoba Beef Producers, says the organization is pushing for the freeze to end in a relatively short period. 

“We’re supportive of a pause. But we’ve got a resolution on the books coming out of the district here that we try and make sure we keep the government’s feet to the fire and make sure that the pause is no longer than it needs to be. Anytime you are putting a freeze on those transfers, that’s putting a freeze on the ability for producers to sell their land and move their land, and for producers to buy land and buy operations. So, it certainly can impede the commerce and the growth of the industry if it drags too long, for sure.”

The Crown Lands Amendment Act would allow agricultural Crown lands to have their rent determined by a public auction and allow the government to designate ACL as community pastures.