Manitoba Hydro is offering a $10 rebate on approved carbon monoxide alarms.

The program started with National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week and runs all month long.

Linda Carter, Public Safety & Education Coordinator with Manitoba Hydro, shares what you’ll be looking for when you go to the store.

“What customers are going to look for is a plug-in model. So it’s really easy to install them. You just plug them into an electrical outlet. All the detectors acutely have a sticker on them so you can actually date the time that you purchased the detector and plugged it in. The packaging will also indicate the length of time that that detector is recommended for.”

You should test the detector every year to make sure it’s working properly.

“There is a range on prices for the CO detectors and there’s a range of features. Some of the detectors will have a digital readout. Like most devices, the more features you purchase the higher the cost. You can purchase a good quality CO detector anywhere from 35 to 60 dollars.”

Only plug-in CO alarms with battery backup and an approved safety certification qualify for the rebate.

“The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority,” said Janet Rak, Manitoba Hydro’s Public Safety and Education Coordinator. “You can’t see, smell or taste carbon monoxide. It’s why we call it the silent killer. If you have a carbon monoxide alarm, a ‘beep’ can mean the difference between life and death.”

Carter says they look like smoke detectors on the outside, but have a different function.