With legal cannabis stores opening on Wednesday; employees are going through training to get ready for opening day.

Gary Symons, the director of marketing with Delta 9 Cannabis Inc., talks about what their employees are learning.

“Very rigorous training. We have two levels, so there’s the standard budtender or store clerk gets pretty thorough training on every single product. They get training on safety. They can advise people on, for example, ‘if you’re going to consume, don’t consume and drive within a certain period.’ So we work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving on this program as well. So we get a lot of safety training, a lot of product knowledge.”

Just like liquor stores, you’ll need to show your ID if you look around 19.

“You’d have to present your ID. All of our staff have been trained on a retail cannabis program done by a company out of BC. It's a very advanced program so that people are well acquainted with the law and what they can and can’t say. There will definitely be ID needed by anybody who is buying in a store to make sure they are the age of majority.”

You can hear the full second part of Benjamin Schwab’s interview with Gary Symons at 12:40 this afternoon.