Water, dust, development, and providing services were some of the topics covered at the RM of Dauphin election forum. 

Water service to rural residents was one of the main topics covered. The development of the rural water service is something the candidates touted as an achievement of the last council. Dennis Forbes says he hopes to see more lines in the next year.

Jack Bremner said that having the services lines increases land values. He also said that water service is key to attracting more residents and businesses to the area. 

Forbes also said it was a business decision to work with Gilbert Plains for water service instead of the City of Dauphin, because the system flows downhill and the cost was cheaper than other options; which allowed them to connect more customers.

On the topic of dust control, some candidates said they would consider looking into control measures. They said they would look into the feasibility of bringing the service back. David Johnston said he wants to look into creating a policy of grading roads around when product is put down; while other candidates like Midge Sametz said it was a double-edged sword where they should look to apply it to only certain areas because of the high cost.

Jack Bremner said a new coating on a gravel road South of Dauphin looks promising; but still requires further study to see if they can apply it to other roads.

Working with the City of Dauphin, and devlopment were topics all candidates agreed on. Incumbent candidates spoke about the troubled relationship between the City and the RM. However, all look to improve it. Tom Gibb remarked that with new leadership on both side, including new CAOs, they can start fresh. Bremner followed that up by saying everything is better together; when one strives, the other does too.

The candidates agreed that council needs to be proactive in bringing businesses to the community. Midge Sametz suggested using the economic development officer to recruit business. Jack Bremner and Dennis Forbes talked about how a comprehensive development plan is in the works. The airport was frequently mentioned as a location for more development. Bremner mentioned developing around the bypass. Forbes said he wants to see development in concentrated areas so that the agriculture industry isn't working around the new development.