Stress can build when harvest goes the way it has.

The Manitoba Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services provides farmers, those living in rural areas and those living in northern communities the opportunity to talk with someone who understands what they are going through.

Janet Smith, the manager of the service talks about the kinds of calls they have been receiving recently.

“We’re certainly hearing from folks concerned about bills coming in and not being able to get the grain in the bins and all the spin-offs of financial stress and the impact that it have on your own wellbeing. Lots of anxiety, stress, and relationship problems. People find themselves having difficulty sleeping and just different kinds of ways stress impacts our behaviour and our relationships with others.”

She talks about why farmers can open up to the people on the other end.

“The folks that they are going to be talking to have farming backgrounds. So, they will have an understanding of what some of the issues that they are experiencing. It’s also a free service, it’s confidential, so your name is not going to be shared, and they can speak really freely about anything that’s going on in their lives.”

If you need to talk with someone about the stresses in your life you can call the toll free number at 1-866-367-3276.

 Today is World Mental Health Day.