The City of Dauphin is hopeful that the Manitoba Electoral Boundaries Commission will strongly consider their proposal.

They expressed their concerns about the proposed electoral boundaries that lump Dauphin with Swan River.

Mayor Allen Dowhan presented at the meeting and shares how the consultations this morning went.

“Certainly there were differences of opinion, but the boundary commission listened to all people, and some valid points were presented. The rest is left to the boundary commission to decide. We feel that our submission along with the chamber and a few other people, there were really no questions of our presentation. And hopefully, they will consider what we presented.”


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The City of Dauphin has concerns about the proposed provincial electoral boundaries that lump Dauphin with Swan River.

They plan to share their own proposal at the public forum this morning at the rec centre.

Mayor Allen Dowhan shares what they are proposing.

“The traditional area trading pattern follows an east/west pattern, while the boundaries commission proposes a north/south pattern. We’re proposing to rename the electoral boundaries in our region to ‘Parkland.’”
They want the boundaries to represent similar communities of interests such as Gilbert Plains and Grandview.

“It’s so important because in the proposed boundaries, communities like Gilbert, Grandview are the constituency that goes all the way down to Hamiota. They don’t have interests with Hamiota or anybody in that region.”

Roblin, Grandview, Gilbert Plains and Saint Rose all share similar community interests like school boundaries, medical, dental, recreation, airport and other services. Dauphin’s proposal encourages and develops regional economic development enterprises to sustain the population.

“Our Mountain View school boundaries in three different areas on the [Electoral Commission’s] proposal. Just inefficiencies in contacting our government representatives and also inefficiencies in communications with our tax payers.”

Another issue is the indigenous populations are excluded from the current Dauphin and Swan River proposal, even though their communities form a large part of the east and west trading, health and cultural patterns.

The public hearing starts at 10 in the Lion’s Den.