The City of Dauphin’s delegation to the RM’s council meeting tomorrow won’t be taking place.

Over the past couple days Mayor Dowhan and Reeve Dennis Forbes had discussions about the closure of Range Road 144N.

Reeve Forbes spoke with us this morning about what was decided over the weekend.

 “We were going to entertain a delegation from the City to discuss this infamous Rampton Mile. Over the weekend conversations with the mayor and I, we’ve come to find some common ground and that delegation is no longer necessary. Continuing dialogue between Al and I and councils will find a solution that works for everyone.” 

The RM council will discuss their thoughts on the road and the Reeve will share information about his conversations with the mayor.   

“I will be presenting thoughts, and these are just thoughts that Al and I have talked about.”

“But these conversations will happen in camera,” Forbes said. “We won’t be open discussion in front of the public or reporters until we come to a decision that works for everyone.”

The RM council meeting will take place tomorrow at 9 at the RM office.