Name: Lori Falloon-Austin

Affiliated Party: Maverick Party

Occupation: Family manager/stay home Mum

Residence: Foxwarren

The Biggest Issue: The current farm drought crisis

Lori is a fourth-generation Foxwarren, Manitoba resident, and her three children are proud fifth generation of Foxwarreners.

Lori has served on her municipalities EMO (emergency measures organization) for the past 15 years as head of social services and registrar, and she also sits on her children's Francophone school parent-teacher board, writes the local news for the weekly paper, and is Royal Canadian Legion member for the past year.

Lori is a big believer in strength in numbers and believes firmly in open and honest communication with all levels of government.

Why are you running in this election?

Why do you think you would make the best candidate?

Many have felt this is an unnecessary election. What are your thoughts on this?

This has been a tough year for Parkland Farmers. What do you think the government needs to be doing for Manitoba farmers in general?

Some folks in the Parkland believe the economy is one of the biggest issues in this election. Do you believe we’ve spent too much money in this pandemic so far and what are your party’s economic policies moving forward?