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Volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross! 

Thursday 15 February 2018

Personal Disaster Assistance Volunteers are needed in your area!

Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the situation of vulnerable people at home and around the world.

Through a network of trained volunteers, the Canadian Red Cross can quickly respond to disasters wherever and whenever they strike, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.

What is a Personal Disaster?

A personal disaster is a sudden devastating event that overwhelms an individual's or family's ability to cope using its own resources.

How does the Personal Disaster Assistance team work?

When personal disasters strike, the Canadian Red Cross in Manitoba may provide up to 72 hours of emergency clothing, shelter, food, and essential supplies.

The Red Cross recruits teams of local volunteers from communites throughout the province.  These volunteers undergo standardized Red Cross training in disaster response.  The Red Cross then provides them with the tools, supplies, and support needed for responding to disasters.

Following a disaster, PDA team members respond either in person or by phone.  They provide assistance based on individual needs, and according to Red Cross standards.

What is the value of PDA in your community?

By working with local authorities and agencies, the Red Cross maximizes available support and makes it as easy as possible for clients to access this support, while avoiding duplication of services.




Contact: 1-204-982-7330

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