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“After the Bell Packing Day” 

Wednesday 15 May 2019

The Dauphin and District Food Bank would like to take this opportunity made possible through 730 CKDM and 730, to remind you about “After the Bell Packing Day” on Wednesday May 15th. This day is recognized nationally, in an effort to create both awareness and donation motivation.  Awareness that 35% of those relying on food banks nationally are children. Although hot lunch programs are being offered in some schools within our community, many are now finished for the year. Please consider donating food items that can be included into a healthy lunch for these young children, not only through the remainder of the school year, but also through the summer months as well. There is always need for non-perishable food items for the less fortunate within our community, especially young children. If you can help out in anyway, please consider making a donation at Canada Safeway in the Dauphin Marketplace Mall. Or you can contact the Dauphin Food Bank at 204-638-7853, and please leave a message.  The Dauphin and district food bank thanks you for your support.


Contact: 204-638-7853


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