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Jay Wilson vies for opportunity to chat and jam with Bachman ... and win a guitar!

Yet another former Dauphinite joins the hunt to jam and chat (and win a guitar) with legendary rocker Randy Bachman!


A note from Jay Wilson ...

I humbly submit to you all this link to a video I made:

It is, in actuality, for a contest. Please bear with me here....

The challenge of the contest is to write and perform your own unique lead electric guitar accompaniment for a Randy Bachman song (Guess Who, BTO). The winner gets to jam with Randy ( awesome ) and also wins a nice new guitar.

I've pulled out all the stops on this one, even going so far as performing my part on a very old and very unique electric steel guitar made back in 1948. It has a great sound -- searing and heavy.

I think this may be perhaps the best performance I have ever given on any electric instrument. I am fortunate that I happened to be recording it at just the right time I guess. Anyway if my video it gets adequate viewership on YouTube, it might make the shortlist for Randy's viewing and final decision.

Time is of the essence, unfortunately, since I found out about this contest a little late in the game and had to do everything in a bit of a rush. If you would be so kind as to visit the link above today, give it a "LIKE", and also "SHARE" it with your family/friends and also encourage them to share it, I just might have a shot at living a little bit of the rock 'n roll dream!

Either way I really hope you enjoy the video and performance. Leave me some comments so I know what you thought of it. The project was challenging and fun.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.