HealthyLiving Header Mar2021

Episode 11: Eleanor Snitka

Eleanor Snitka, Community Support Worker for Peer Connections Manitoba, joins us to discuss mental health as this is mental health week. 

Episode 10: Trevor Shewfelt (Part 4)

In this episode, we finish off last week's discussion on quitting smoking with Pharmacist Trevor Shewfelt.

Episode 9: Trevor Shewfelt (Part 3)

Pharmacist Trevor Shewfelt joins us to discuss the difficulties of quitting smoking and the health impacts that come along with it.

Episode 8: Jerri Csversko (Part 2)

We continue our conversation with Jerri Csversko, councilor at Rowan Tree Therapy Services, and talk about how therapy and opening up with a person of trust can have a profound impact on managing mental health issues.

Episode 7: Jerri Csversko (Part 1)

Jerri Csversko, councilor at Rowan Tree Therapy Services, joins us to discuss therapy techniques to help manage mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Episode 6: Virginia Cail (Part 2)

Continuing our conversation about diet and nutrition with dietician Virginia Cail.

Episode 5: Virginia Cail (Part 1)

Dietician Virginia Cail has some helpful tips on eating healthy amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Episode 4: Trevor Shewfelt (Part 2)

We're wrapping up our conversation with Pharmacist Trevor Shewfelt, about how medical cannabis is currently available to Manitobans.

Episode 3: Trevor Shewfelt (Part 1)

In this episode, we're speaking with Pharmacist Trevor Shewfelt about medical cannabis.

Episode 2: Dr. Alyson Shaw

In this episode, we're speaking with Dr. Alyson Shaw, with the Canadian Pediatric Society, about the importance of reading and singing to children from the beginning of infancy.

Episode 1: Sean Miller

In this episode, we are joined by Sean Miller, Executive Director of Peer Connections Manitoba.