Dauphin, Canada

Numbers within the Parkland Rugby Association continue to rise on a yearly basis, and with that, the Association is looking for donations in order to purchase new equipment.

"Our biggest need right now is a scrum machine," said Rod Carberry, Coach. "The machine is about $5000, but we could really use it now. Our program has gained so much momentum over the past couple years, and the success in the region really is significant."

Some of the success includes this past Fall when the Dauphin Clippers 7's won their league Championship, and the numbers are only expected to increase this season and going forward.

"I got involved in rugby about four years ago, and I would say on average we had 10 boys and girls at practice which was extremely frustrating because we need 15 on the field," said Carberry. "Now, there are times at practice between both programs, we have close to 50 players on the field."

To donate today, or how you can get involved with the program, you can contact Rod at 648-6587.