Dauphin, Canada

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Daily and Weekly Programming
6:52am Daily Ag Today Update
7:18am Daily Ag Today Morning Farm News
7:21am Daily Ag Today Market Review
7:44am Daily Birthday Greetings (except Sundays)
7:47am Daily Ag Today Update
8:18am Daily Ag Today Update
8:37am Tuesdays The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Feature
8:37am Thursdays Parkland Job Opportunity Centre’s Employment Tips
9:41am Daily Ag Today Market Review
10:05am Saturdays CKDM Top 10 Countdown
10:19am Daily Ag Today Market Review
11:08am Daily Bargain Bin
12:15pm Daily Ag Today Calendar
12:20pm Daily Ag Today Noon Hour Edition
1:41pm Daily Ag Today Market Review
2:19pm Daily Ag Today Market Review
3:42pm Daily

Dauphin Vet Clinic Pet Patrol  

12 pm  Sundays

Canadian Country Top 30 Countdown (3 hours)


8:00pm Sundays CanadianCountrySpotlightBanner 768x386


10:00pm Sundays "no fences" with Bruce Leperre

Sunday Religious Programming

8:30 AM

Wings of Healing

9:00 AM

Living Word Radiocast

9:30 AM

Reaching Out Ministries