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An annual Manitoba tradition is beginning to wind down it's 110th anniversary.
Rain and snow won't stop Dauphin's Fire Department from taking part in an annual event.
In order to maintain their road ways, the RM of Dauphin has issued a number of road restrictions.
The Gilbert Plains Municipality continues to work on getting the water flowing out of urban ditches.
The city of Dauphin will have the opportunity to embrace artistic culture this weekend.
Communities across the Parkland are already keeping a close eye on potential drainage issues this spring.
Cattle producers are raising concerns of wolf attacks, and how it is costing them money.
The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is retaining its agricultural roots.
As snow begins to melt in the Parkland, the issue of drainage is beginning to take precedence.
A Canadian course designer at this year's Royal Manitoba Winter Fair doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.
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