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Saturday, 24 October 2015 06:30

Morning News - October 24

The Dauphin Firefighters Association is looking to restore a couple old trucks to bring back some of the history of the fire department.
A Dauphin group is making scarves to hang on some city trees so people who want to use them can take them.
Whether the Blue Bombers are a part of it or not, Manitoba's Liquor and gaming Authority is letting the party go a little longer during Winnipeg's Grey Cup celebrations.
Dauphin Co-op's Haunted House is going to be more of a Haunted Barn this year.
Burning yard waste is a finable offense in the City of Dauphin, as the Dauphin Fire Department let two property owners know.
If you're in the City of Dauphin for lunch, you can grab a burger and support a good cause at the Dauphin Friendship Centre.
An Ebb and Flow man is in custody after allegedly resisting arrest and fleeing from police through a window.
Friday, 23 October 2015 05:32

Morning News - October 23

A Dauphin restauranteur didn't think an electrical fire in a deep fryer at her flagship location would cause the destruction it did.