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Mountain View School Division has been working with the City of Dauphin to ensure the safety of students when it comes to high traffic areas around the school.
After a long standing dispute over lumber pricing, the US has announced its first batch of duties on imported wood.
A research group focusing on native pollinators are looking for cooperators in Manitoba.
Thursday, 27 April 2017 06:50

It's International Yellow T-Shirt Day

If you notice the colour yellow to day more then usual, it's not a coincidence.
The Priority Procedures public meetings, the second subcommittee of the Wait Times Reduction Task Force, are underway this week.
A professor from the University of Manitoba feels a standardized income may be beneficial in the long term for Canada.
The Dauphin Public Library has released their 2016 annual report.
The Wasagaming Campground in Riding Mountain National Park has been upgraded.
The province of Ontario is looking into implementing a minimum income similar to a policy that was in effect in Dauphin during the 1970s.
The province of Manitoba has detected its first case of strip rust.
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