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Mark McAvoy

Mark McAvoy- News Director

Mark spent a number of years meandering about at the University of Manitoba. First he wanted to be an actor, then an astronomer, then an actor again, then a historian, before finally landing in journalism. He has a history degree from the U of M, and a creative communications degree from Red River College. Mark describes himself as an obsessive personality. Whether its sports, video games, movies, or music – he’s all in. Mark is already involved in the local community. He plays soccer for Dauphin Rangers FC, and is hoping to get more involved in the local music scene. Apart from his gig here at 730 CKDM, he also produces and hosts a podcast on the subject of video games. You can access that podcast at www.supergamerpodcast.com.

Dane Nichol- Sports

In 2013 Dane decided to carry on a family tradition and begin sports broadcasting. His uncle Richard Nichol was known as the voice of University of Waterloo Warriors sports for 20 years. Richard suddenly and unexpectedly passed in 2010. Three years later Dane started doing play-by-play and colour commentary for Waterloo Warriors hockey and football while attending UW working towards his BA majoring in Speech Communication. Dane knew he wanted to pursue play-by-play as a career but he was probably doing things wrong without knowing it, so he decided to study radio for a year at Humber College in Toronto. Dane always imagined himself working in a small town being on-air during the day and calling Jr. hockey games at night, and has found exactly that in Dauphin.

Anthony (Mark) De Luca-

A recent graduate in radio broadcasting from Humber College in Toronto, Anthony (Mark) De Luca demonstrates all the key characteristics in becoming a successful news anchor / reporter. Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, Anthony has a strong sense of current affairs using his experience in politics to the fullest. While not at work, Anthony enjoys spending time with friends and family discussing everything from federal politics to the most current sporting results. A dedicated news enthusiast, Anthony hopes to apply his skills in broadcasting to the general public through thought provoking and entertaining radio. Focused, adaptable, and engaging Anthony looks forward to getting immersed with the City of Dauphin, 730CKDM and the Parkland.  He hopes to one day start a podcast of his own.