Dauphin, Canada
Photo Credit: Pixabay
The team will be entering their second full season in the Santa Clara Baseball League this year.
Team Manager JP Martin says practice will begin fairly soon.
"We're going to try and have our first practice on April 9th, just get out there and get the ball in the hand again play some catch. Going to try and hit that up at the DRCSS, at the track there, if the snow melts. We'll see what happens but we'll keep it going."
Head Coach Darius Vendramin talks about what was discussed at the meeting.
"Today we just kind of talked about bringing boys out, and getting everybody together. Trying to see what kind of numbers we got, so we're looking forward to the snow melting here and trying to get some bodies out."
The League still has yet to release their schedule, but the team will be playing their home games at Brewer diamond this summer.

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