Dauphin, Canada


Yesterday morning at Farm Outlook 2017, Farm Link Marketing Solutions presented a number of detailed anayltics discussing the thriving asian market and the implications it could have on Canadian and international business.

General Manager at Farm Link Marketing Solutions Lawrence Yakielashek feels the Canadian agricultural industry may be at the mercy of one Asian market in particular. 

"Ten years ago we were exporting 5-600,000 tons of canola to China, today we're exporting between 4.5-5 million tons of canola seed to China [...] their our number one market -- number two is distant by about two million tons which is Japan -- there is a significant amount of product that goes there... the crush capacity and the new plants that are being built and the new plants on the ports, they need us just like we need them."

Farm Link Marketing Solutions was founded in 2004 by Mark Lepp and Brenda Tjaden Lepp. 




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