Dauphin, Canada
Coach Berry says there are plenty of positives to take away from this season.
"We went with the youngest team we've had in Dauphin for quite a while, and a lot of the players that played for us this year might not have had the impact on the score sheet that people would've expected, but they got valuable minutes, they got valuable experience. When you start looking at bringing back a Riese Gaber, Grady Hobbs, Kyle Oleksiuk, Brendan Arnold, those four guys playing the amount of games they did, and the amount of minutes they did, it's a big positive and a big boost for our Hockey club going forward."
Despite missing the playoffs, Coach Berry wants his players to look at the positives.
"You try to spin it on a way to the guys that next year, we don't want to be in this position. Next year, we want to be twice as hungry and I think there's a good group of kids there that feel the same way."
Berry says that he isn't telling his players to simply shrug this disappointing season off, but rather, look at the positives.
"We stayed away from putting everything behind you and forgetting about it, we felt that there was enough good things that happened this year that we wanted guys to learn from them."
The MJHL playoffs begin on Friday.
The Neepawa Natives will start their playoff run against the Pistons on Friday night in Steinbach.

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