Dauphin, Canada
Sopuck recently released his views on the carbon tax in a news release.
He says people in the Parkland will be hit hard by the new tax.
"Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa, the average income in this constituency is $33,000 a year, so our people live on very modest incomes. They work very hard, are very innovative, but people live on modest incomes. It's people who are on modest incomes, they have a higher proportion of their incomes is spent on energy."
Sopuck describes the average farmer will also feel a hit to the wallet.
"Modern farming, especially grain and oil seed production, is an energy intensive, capital intensive business. One of the estimates I heard, it's going to take about $100 million out of the farm economy if it's fully implemented."
The carbon tax is aimed to tax every day necessities such as food, heating homes, and fuel.

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