Dauphin, Canada

A new flood outlook from the provincial government says some snow that melted during a warm spell this month, will reduce the amount of melting to come in the spring.

The government says soil moisture continues to be high, and there is a risk of flooding along some sections of the Red, Souris, Pembina, Upper and Lower Assiniboine rivers.

According to Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pedersen, everyone should still be preparing for the "what ifs".

"If we can repeat what we had in January and February with very little precipitation accumulation, the mild spells and then the cold weather, if we get lucky with that in March, that will certainly help us. But, we are continuing to prepare for the 'what ifs', making sure all areas are prepared."

 Director of hydrologic forecasting and co-ordination Fisaha Unduche added that there are no major concerns for overland flooding from Lake Dauphin, but they will continue to keep a close eye on it going forward.

Fisaha Unduche, director, hydrologic forecasting and

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