Dauphin, Canada
Historian Rob Lennard based out of Alberta, recently wrote and recorded the song "Louis Riel, Worth of a Holiday" as a 150th birthday gift to Canada containing over 30 historical facts about the legacy of the man.
For Lennard, Riel's story and his focus towards learning more about him began in the classroom.
"I'm an educator, I teach kids in grades two, four, five and seven all about Alberta and Canadian history and I've always incorporated music and story telling into my educational programs... when I developed the program called Famous Metis People of Canada, at the very top of that list was none other than Louis Riel."
Lennard also says he has a personal connection to the province of Manitoba, with both his daughters and sister currently living in Winnipeg. After a brief visit to the city, Lennard says the song came to him out of spontaneity. 
"Last Spring I was fortunate enough I went to the St. Boniface Museum, and I had a pen and paper in hand and I wrote down close to 50 historical facts... I was so inspired by the story of Louis Riel that I actually went next door to his grave site and wrote down the chorus to this song -- this came to me absolutely right on the spot." 
Recognized as a Canadian politician, founder of the province of Manitoba and voice of the Metis peoples interests, Louis Riel and his life is celebrated in Manitoba yearly on the third Monday of every February.  
Fort Dauphin will be holding Louis Riel Day celebrations today from 1 pm to 4 pm.  

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