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Pallister made the comments last Monday in Virden claiming the tension between Indigenous and non-indigenous hunters over hunting at night is becoming a race war.

In reference to the Premier's comments, President of the Manitoba Metis Federation David Chartrand hopes it was just a mistake.

"In regards to his comments about a race war, I think, I hope it was just a slip of the tongue that he just miss-spoke... we all make mistakes, and I'm sure he will try and correct it."

Reeves from a handful of communities met with Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox pushing for a ban, with municipal leaders from Western Manitoba optimistic about the new night hunting restrictions. 

Chartrand also feels this could be a slippery-slope for the provincial government because it's proposing stripping certain rights that are protected under the Constitution.

Minister Cox refused to say whether an all-out ban is being considered, and added that a meeting involving indigenous and municipal leaders is being planned for the near future.