A forum on fentanyl was held at the Dauphin Friendship Centre last night.
Doctors Sheri Fandrey and Ginette Poulin were two of the main speakers. They say they want people talking about the issue.
"Break down the stigma by having conversations, not just with youth but with other family members, within the school system, within workplaces, really just become comfortable asking some of the tough questions," says Dr. Fandrey.
"When we look at issues, and certainly within addictions, stigma, and breaking that down, it takes time. People often will make assumptions and say, you know, 'that's only a street person' or 'that happens only in Winnipeg' -- it's a very real problem, it's happening everywhere, and it's happening right in our own homes," says Dr. Poulin.
They also say as much as possible they're connecting with local experts.
Last night's panel included Kristen Porter from the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, paramedic Brian Jacobsen, pharmacist Barrett Procyshyn, and RCMP Sergeant Nolan Suss.