Dauphin, Canada
25-year-old Seamus Nepinak and 27-year-old Sean Nepinak are on trial facing four counts of arson and one count of participating in the activities of a criminal organization. Both have pleaded not guilty.
Today, the defense called as a witness an RCMP officer who was a first-responder on August 31st, 2013 -- the day of the fire.
She described seeing a naked, burned male on the lawn when she arrived to the scene that day. She told court she then saw two men, one she recognized -- a man living in the home at the time, and who was a Crown witness in this trial -- panicked, trying to enter the burning house at the back door.
The officer said she spoke to the individual she recognized again at the scene, when he was with two other people. The constable said the man she recognized referenced a "beef" he thought had already been dealt with, and talked about revenge, but he wouldn't say who he thought was responsible for the fire.
The constable told court that details were hazy partly because of the stress of that day.
More witnesses will be called tomorrow and Monday. Closing statements will be made next week.

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