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Friday, 07 July 2017 15:17


MUSIC NEWS: FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017 MID-YEAR-MUSIC-REPORT If things keep up the way they have so far, 2017 will prove to be a huge year for both Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran. Nielsen is out with its mid-year music report and it says those two artists have the top albums so far this year. Lamar's ``DAMN.'' is setting the pace, with close to 1.8-million sales -- based on a combination of physical sales, song sales and audio streams. By that same measure, Sheeran's ``Divide'' is second, but by a narrow margin. Rounding out the top five for the first six months of the year are Drake with ``More Life,'' Bruno Mars with ``24K Magic'' and ``Culture'' by Migos. Each of those albums has reached the one-million mark in combined sales so far. --- RACISM-ATLANTA-VENUE The man who used to head up security at the big venue in Atlanta says the…
Thursday, 06 July 2017 08:32


MUSIC NEWS: THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2017 IMAGINE-DRAGONS It's always nice to get away from the daily grind and go back to a place that's a little less stressful. But for Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, such a breakaway wasn't only a nicety -- but a necessity. Reynolds has suffered from depression since he was younger and says things got worse as Imagine Dragons went from being an unknown group to a Grammy-winning one. Reynolds says seven years of touring and making a mark in the business after toiling in obscurity left him in a ``just scattered, depressed headspace.'' He says he used the time back home to reconnect with his wife, 4-year-old daughter and friends. Now, he says he's a ``really wonderful, colourful, good headspace.'' The group's new album is called ``Evolve.'' --- JOHN-PRINE-FUTURE He's a former mail carrier from Chicago. But these days, instead of delivering bills and packages…
Wednesday, 05 July 2017 08:32


MUSIC NEWS: WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 2017 PRINCE'S DRUMMER - DIES One of Prince's drummers has died. John Blackwell Junior was 43 when he died in Florida. He had played drums for the musician for more than a decade. His wife says in an Instagram post that Blackwell died ``peacefully'' with her by his side. The medical examiner's office didn't respond to a message seeking confirmation of Blackwell's death. His wife recently set up a Go Fund Me saying her husband was being tested for tumors in his brain. The fund, which was set up four months ago, had raised about 79-thousand dollars U-S. --- A CAPITOL FOURTH A large slice of American pop music with a heaping dollop of patriotism thrown on top. That was the deal in Washington D-C last night for the annual ``A Capitol Fourth'' concert. The annual Fourth of July national picnic featured music from The…
Tuesday, 04 July 2017 08:38


MUSIC NEWS: TUESDAY, JULY 4, 2017 FOURTH OF JULY - CONCERT The Beach Boys have been a constant feature at the Fourth of July concert in Washington, D-C for years now. But there was a time they were deemed unwelcome at the event and that caused a big controversy. Back in the early days of the Reagan administration, U-S Interior Secretary James Watt declared the Beach Boys ``unsuitable'' for such a patriotic event. And that year 1983 the group was replaced by Wayne Newton to perform the Fourth of July event. They have been back many times since. Others who will be performing at today's event include the Four Tops and Trace Adkins. Actor John Stamos will be the host. --- RAPPER - ARRESTED Authorities in Arkansas say a rapper shot a person in the neck days before performing a concert in Little Rock that was the scene of a…
Saturday, 01 July 2017 10:00

CKDM Top 20 List Week Of July 3

WEEK OF JULY 3, 2017 730 CKDM TOP TWENTY MUSIC DIRECTOR: BRUCE LEPERRE The Parkland's Best Music ... 730 CKDM TW LW WO TITLE/ARTIST/LABEL WEEKS @ #1 1 3 11 God Your Mama And Me – Florida Georgia Line (BMGL) 1 2 4 9 Every Time I Hear That Song – Blake Shelton (Warner Bros./WMN) 3 5 7 Craving You – Thomas Rhett ft Marren Morris (Valory) 4 1 11 Chills – James Barker Band* (Universal Music Canada) 1 5 6 10 My Girl – Dylan Scott (Curb) 6 8 12 Yours If You Want It – Rascal Flatts (Big Machine) 7 13 7 Crazy About You – The Road Hammers (Open Road) 8 9 11 The Fighter – Keith Urban ft Carrie Underwood (Capitol Nashville) 9 12 8 Flat Liner – Cole Swindell (Warner Bros./WMN) 10 10 2 Slide Over- Tim Hicks* (Open Road) 11 11 12 You Look…
730 CKDM congratulates the winner of the 730 CKDM Battle of the Bands! Winnipeg's Wreckin' So took home $2000 and bragging rights! Congrats to all of our contestants including Two Socks, The Unknown, Roulette & Haunted Girlfriend.
Friday, 30 June 2017 08:56


MUSIC NEWS: FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017 TODAY AT DAUPHIN'S COUNTRYFEST Keith Urban headlines tonight's main stage show at 10 pm. Tim Hicks plays at 8:30 pm. Meghan Patrick plays at 7 pm. Winnipegger Jason Kirkness performs at 5 pm. Local Roblin artist Ryan Keown kicks off the main stageat 3:30pm JAKE CLEMONS - MUSIC The nephew of E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons is grateful for the support that fans have given him as he steps in to play his uncle's sax parts. Jake Clemons says after Clarence's death in 2011, he felt his uncle's presence when he picked up the sax again. Jake Clemons says it was part of his healing process to play, and he knows lots of fans needed that healing too. The fans might be kind to him, but the rest of the E Street Band is pretty tough. Jake Clemons says the band is known…
Thursday, 29 June 2017 09:03


MUSIC NEWS: THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 2017 ALICE COOPER - ALICE ON STAGE Alice Cooper believes the reason he has survived rock and roll while Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix did not is because he keeps the rock and roll on the stage. Cooper says in an online chat with the British newspaper The Guardian that Joplin and Hendrix tried to be the same character offstage. Cooper says he could never be Alice all the time because it's ``too theatrical'' and the onstage Alice is ``an arrogant villain.'' He says fans will notice Alice never talks to the audience because ``that would make him more human.'' Cooper will release a new album called ``Paranormal'' on July 28th. --- ED SHEERAN - BRITISH CHARTS The Official Singles Chart in the U-K is changing its methodology after Ed Sheeran had 16 songs in the top 20 earlier this year. The new rules call…
Wednesday, 28 June 2017 08:25


MUSIC NEWS: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 2017 RORY FEEK WILL RETURN Rory Feek of Joey and Rory will return to performing as a way to say thank you to the non-profit group that helped him with insurance and medical bills as his wife Joey died of cancer last year. Rory Feek will donate all the profits from the concerts at his home in Pottsville, Tennessee, on September 8th and 9th to the Music Health Alliance. Feek says he asked the non-profit for help when his wife wanted to try treatment at a facility out of their insurance network. He says he turned to the group again after she died for help figuring out all the bills. He says the Music Health Alliance never asked him for money. Feek says he also wants to get onstage again to learn what the future holds. --- U2 ADAM CLAYTON MAP AWARD U-2 bassist Adam…
Tuesday, 27 June 2017 08:20


MUSIC NEWS: TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017 LORDE NUMBER ONE Lorde says her song ``Royals'' was a moonshot, but she could not hope for repeat success with her new album, ``Melodrama.'' That's why she's so excited that it's the number-one album in America. Lorde tweets when she was a kid, she thought big records had to be made sterile and calculated, with something sacrificed. She says she had the ``divine thrill of disapproving that firsthand.'' She says her 15-year-old self would have been so proud. --- SHAKIRA MOTHERHOOD Shakira is not worried about being a working mom. She thinks it's good for her kids. Shakira says she wants her children to see their mother doing something she loves because it's setting a good example for them. She wasn't always that way. Shakira says she used to be the centre of her own universe and kept pushing ``pause'' on having a family.…
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