Dauphin, Canada
CAO Laura Murray provided project details, including estimated costs, in bringing water to the municipality from the G3 Regional Water Coop in Gilbert Plains at an information meeting last night at the Selo site.
The main pipeline is estimated at $2.48-million. The RM pays for half of that, with some coming from reserves and some to be funded through a general borrowing by-law over 15 years.
Individual connections to the pipeline will be done in phases. Phase one is estimated to cost $3.13-million, and will be shared three ways with the federal and provincial governments, and those connecting to the line. There are potentially 66 hookups in the phase one area, subject to tender prices.
The Manitoba Water Services Board also had representatives at last night's meeting, having been asked by the RM to look at G3 and the City of Dauphin as potential water sources.
MWSB General manager David Shwaluk says, "The reason we went with the G3 Water Coop is that it was a ground water source, it's a softened water supply, whereas the City of Dauphin removes turbidity and colour out of the water and it's not a softened water supply."
It was also said at the meeting that a higher level of trihalomethanes in the City of Dauphin's water was an important factor in making the decision.
City of Dauphin deputy mayor Al Dowhan said during this week's council meeting the city's water treatment plant was built with RM residents in mind and running water from Gilbert Plains doesn't make sense to him.

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