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Strong Support At Gilbert Plains/Grandview Ag Society Meeting

There is no shortage of ideas for next year's Gilbert Plains/Grandview Ag Society Fair and Rodeo.

About 60 people showed up to the ag society's board meeting last night to show their support for the annual event and the society itself.

There was concern that without more volunteers, board members, and ideas, the fair and rodeo may have to start cancelling some parts of the show. But after last night's meeting, Vice-president Murray Stoughton says it looks like the fair may even be added to.

"There's some really great ideas, (like) the sand and the straw pile, putting money or tokens in it for the kids; not a lot of cost involved in it and it seems to be a good idea to keep the kids entertained."

The prospect of a Homecoming 2016 in Gilbert Plains was discussed last night as well. The majority of people at the meeting said they supported the idea.

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RM Councillor Pleased With Work Of AMM

RM of Dauphin councillor Jack Bremner says he's glad that the AMM is doing work to help municipalities with regulations that are passed down onto them by the provincial government.
He says the regulations are creating extra costs for municipalities, and the AMM wants to see more funding given to municipalities to offset those costs.
"Stuff like certifying these dump operators is going to coast us $500, and they're making regulations without a corresponding amount of money given to the municipalities to offset the costs that are being passed on to us, so we'd like to see that done to have no regulation without corresponding funding."
Bremner says this would help keep their taxes down adding that ratepayers in the RM are their only source of tax revenue and it's not quote "a never ending source of money."
Details Emerge From Sexual Assaults In Winnipeg
Horrific details are emerging about the violent sexual assaults
of two young women in Winnipeg.

Twenty-one-year-old Justin Hudson has pleaded guilty to two
counts of aggravated sexual assault in attacks on a 16-year-old and
a 23-year-old a year ago.

The younger girl was beaten unconscious and sexually assaulted
before ending up in the Assiniboine River. She was also beaten with
a hammer and left to freeze to death.

When she was found by a passerby early the next morning, she had
a body temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

Court heard she went into cardiac arrest several times and police
thought she would not survive. But she did, and went one to become
an advocate for an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous
Winnipeg Couple Honoured For WWII Service
A Winnipeg couple is being recognized for their service to Canada
and Great Britain in the Second World War.

Ninety-six-year-old Ian Wilson was part of the Royal Canadian Air
Forces' Spitfire Squadron, receiving the Legion of Honour, France's
highest national honour.

His 92-year-old wife, Betty, served for Great Britain from 1939
until 1945, earning her Majesty's Armed Forces Veterans Badge and a
war medal.

The pair was also each awarded with a Certificate of Recognition
signed by former prime minister Stephen Harper.

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