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Grey Cup Parties To Raise Concussion Awareness

A lot of parties are being held in Winnipeg this Grey Cup

weekend, but several C-F-L players are making theirs about awareness
of one of the greatest dangers of playing the game of football;

Josh Bourke of the Montreal Alouettes, Rory Kohlert of the
Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Simoni Lawrence of the Hamilton Tiger Cats
are hosting the Bash 4 Brains All Star Party tonight.

All proceeds of the event will go towards Concussion Legacy
Foundation Canada, for research and safety programs across Canada.

Bourke says it's hoped that more resources will help in
improvements in diagnosing concussions.

Justin Trudeau Kept Busy With Summits

Since Justin Trudeau was sworn in as prime minister less than four weeks ago, he has attended three high-level summits outside Canada and had a meeting with the Queen.

As a result, Trudeau says he feels as if he's been ``thrown into the deep end'' of international summitry.

Trudeau made the remark this morning at the Commonwealth heads-of-government meeting in Malta, where he had a chat with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Afterward, Trudeau thanked Turnbull for helping him ``navigate the global scene,'' although the Australian P-M said his Canadian counterpart is ``very modest'' and needed no help.

Winnipeg Lice Salon

A Winnipeg woman says her business treating clients for lice is so busy, she's opened up a hair salon just for those with the itchy problem.

Slice of Lice salon owner Sarah Phillips used to have a mobile business where she used only natural products to get rid of the bugs.

She says being able to come in and have somebody else deal with the issue is less stressful than trying to do it on your own.

She says was trained as a hair dresser, and decided to start a lice removal business after her daughter got lice.
Psychiatric Evaluation For White House Fence Jumper
A judge in Washington has ordered a psychiatric examination for a man charged with jumping the fence surrounding the White House on Thursday.

Twenty-two-year-old Joe Caputo left a suicide note with friends and a will with his mother.

Caputo, whose actions prompted a security lockdown at the White House, faces a charge that could see him jailed for up to a year.


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