Dauphin, Canada
The foundation's manager of marketing and communications, Nicole Turenne, says they want people to take a personal health action to help reduce their risk of breast cancer.
"We have a great awareness campaign out there entitled "one new thing". That gives you a lot of information about how you can do the one new thing to help reduce your risk of breast cancer. Research does show that a third of breast cancers can be prevented by simply living well. That's having to maintain a healthy weight, eating a well balanced diet, limiting your alcohol, getting regular exercise and not smoking. Those are just some the ways that people can take their personal health action."
Turenne says people can also donate to the foundation through several methods.
"You can just go onto our website at cbcf.org and you can go directly from our home page to our donation page. Also, everyone is very in-tune to our mobile phones and we have a program where by simply texting "pink" to 30333, you're able to make a $5 donation to the foundation."
The CBCF says about one in four cancers diagnosed in women in Canada are breast cancer.

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