Dauphin, Canada
General Manager Terry Payne says if homeowners can cut down the weeds on the sidewalks in front of their properties, that can ease the burden on city crews.
"If there is a vacant area near you that's getting weed infested and you can get out and cut it back a couple of times, and we get there maybe once or twice and cut it back, together we can hopefully control the situation a little more cost effectively. If people leave it all to city staff and park staff, it's gonna be expensive, and they're see that on their taxes eventually, if we have to be hiring people to do all this stuff all the time."
Because of the new provincial restrictions on cosmetic pesticides, Payne says most of the products they can use are organic based.
He says there's more danger of herbicide resistant weeds because of the lower concentrations of chemicals they have used before.

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