Dauphin, Canada

The registered nursing profession is now under The Regulated Health Professions Act as of today.

The RHPA sets out a new way of regulating who does what in the provision of health services by designating reserved acts for those duties that need to be done by a competently trained professional.

Registered nurses will be able to do 14 of the 21 categories of reserved acts.

Reserved acts are activities such as screening and ordering diagnostic tests and prescribing and administering drugs.

This regulation allows for a new designation of registered nursing, which will be called the Registered Nurse Authorized Prescriber.

For more information on the RHPA go to www.gov.mb.ca/health/rhpa.

The Palliative Care Redevelopment Project at Dauphin’s hospital is making some headway.

The first phase has been moving along well thanks to many donations from around the Parkland given to the Dauphin Hospital Foundation.

The project will see renovations and upgrades to the four Palliative Care Unit Rooms including wall repairs and new furniture.

Some of the larger community donations for the project over the past year came from the Dauphin Ukrainian Orthodox Young Men’s Society of $5,000, the Dauphin Community Foundation of $5,000, Dauphin Knights of Columbus with $3,000, Cargill with $2,500 and Reit-Syd Equipment with $500.

 The last time any direct enhancements of the unit took place was over 16 years ago.

It’s a busy season for the Grandview Recreation right now.

All the summer activities are in full force along with a new building being constructed in Wilson Park.

Jill Wiebe, Grandview Recreation Director, talks about the new building going up.

“We are building a new building at our Wilson Park. This building will house bathrooms, showers, and a concession.  We are about 50% through our build.  We are just hooking up the water and electrical and after all that is done, we will continue with our fixtures and the siding and the landscaping.  We are happy to have that going on and we also will hopefully have that done by the end of June.

The facility will be wheelchair accessible and be open for those staying at the campground.

The Grandview Rec Commission is gearing up for a busy swimming season and just opened up the pool this week. There is also a four week long Kids Play Program that they’re currently taking registration for as well as a town wide yard sale scheduled for August 18.

For more information contact the rec office at 546-5260.

Almost 375 thousand people are expected to head down to Riding Mountain National Park this year.

That’s down from last year’s 420 thousand, thanks to the Canada 150 free park passes.

Even with the numbers dropping, Cal Martin, the Visitor Experience Manager, tells us that’s still more than pre-2017 attendance.

 “Not only did it increase visitation overall but I think a number of people that haven’t been to the park in a long time came back to check it out, to see what’s new. And I think a lot of those people are coming back again this year. Other people that came last year were ones who had never been to the park and wanted to check it out. I think for those two groups specifically, it’s really made an impact. Because we are definitely seeing an increase compared to a normal year.”

All services in the park are officially open with the visitor centre, all restrooms, shops, and restaurants opening for the Victoria Day long weekend.

The R.M. of Lakeshore is issuing burning permits for two day periods only.

Burning permits can be denied at the discretion of the Fire Chief.

Extreme caution when burning is recommended, and fire guards and reasonable measures must also be in place.

Please contact the municipal office if you have any questions.

Reeve for the Gilbert Plains Municipality, Blake Price, has confirmed that the community hall has not collapsed.

Rather a scheduled demolition of the walls and roof took place this morning.

Price tells us why it went down this way.

“The contractor has done a thorough assessment of the building, and he has determined the best route to go is to not try and salvage the walls and or the roof. In turn, demolish them and build new walls but we will be salvaging the floor, so that is for the most part all that will be salvaged in that building now, and that is based on his assessment.”

Price assures that the grant money from the government will still be in place to help build the new foundation, walls, roof, and interior of the building.

Once the demolition is cleaned up, the contractor will begin the foundation. Then the floor will be set in, walls and roof constructed and then in the interior completed.

The fire ban for Riding Mountain National park has been lifted, but caution is urged.

Conditions are still very dry and visitors are asked to be cautious when lighting fires.

Campfires are recommended to be small, in designated fire pits and completely extinguished when done with.

Wasagaming receives on average 51 mm of rain in May and this year only received 8 mm.

It’s been recorded as the second driest May in the park.

Another severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for Dauphin and the Parkland.

Environment Canada is warning that there’s the possibility of a dangerous storm developing.

It may be capable of producing damaging wind gusts and hail.

The threat of a storm will continue into the evening but diminish overnight.

After three years a new court date has been set for a Dauphin woman who was arrested in connection to a drug bust in the area.

Tanya Novotny, 37-years-old, was arrested in May of 2015, when RCMP searched a home, seized 65 grams of cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and approximately $1,000.

She was charged with Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking.

Novotny’s case has been adjourned until June 25 in Dauphin.

19-year-old Earl Moar was back in court with charges related to an arson in Crane River in connection with a death.

In January of this year, RCMP was called to the scene of a residence on fire and later found the remains of a 40 year-old woman inside.

Moar is facing charges of Manslaughter and Arson with Disregard for Human Life.

His case has been remanded into custody until June 25.

The fire near Ashern is reported under control thanks to the recent rain.

A crew is remaining in the area to address a few hot spots.

Firefighting crews are still trying to put out the fire near Little Grand Rapids First Nation, which covers 25,000 hectares.

Currently the number of wildfires in Manitoba is at 186, which is above the average amount at 114.